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Monday, October 31, 2011


Am I an option to you? hmmm...It is very difficult to say that, whether I am an option or not...I have read this quote on facebook...many people post this picture@quote on their facebook...It gives a huge impact on me...I realized that sometimes I make someone as my priority wrongly...I help them a lot...I love them so much but at the end of the day, whatever I did for them is such a waste...They even not appreciate it...In other words, they even do not need me in their life...They will find me when they feel like want to...Meaning to say, I am an option!!!So sad...So, please bear in mind...do not be an option to anyone...Do not let people make use of you...friends in need are friends in deed...Good Luck!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


"kompang dipalu pengantin baru
duduk bersanding tersipu malu
kompang dipalu pengantin malu
moga bahagia ke anak cucu

kami doakan moga bahagia
selamat sejahtera hingga akhir zaman"

lalalalalala...paluan kompang bergema lagi...bestnya tengok rakan seperjuangan bersanding...semalam, seorang lagi rakanku melangkah ke alam rumahtangga yang penuh indah...indah ke? hahaha...xtau, orang cakap indah...tunggu aku dah melangkah ke alam itu baru ku tahu indah ke tak...pasangan pengantin sama chantek, sama padan...majlis berlangsung dengan baik...cuaca pun best je...alhamdulillah x hujan...kalau x, kesian pengantin...kami para tetamu pun makan best...cuma kekecewaan melanda sebahagian dari kami kerana tidak sempat menjamah kambing golek gara-gara kami terlewat sampai...xpela, bukan rezeki kami agaknya...yang pasti, kami happy...dapat jumpa kawan2 and tengok kawan bersanding...buat mempelai, semoga berbahagia hingga ke akhir hayat, sentiasa di bawah rahmat illahi and jangan nakal2 tapi cepat2 dapt baby ye...ahaks...hihi...happy for you...congratz hani and hatta...jom layan pictures...see you..;))


bersama en.tunang tersayam..;)

alalala...pasangan pengantin yg cumil..;)

 pesanan penaja

chantek kan? ;)
ok, dah habis...jumpa lagi...bye...;))

Friday, October 21, 2011


God creates men and women differently. We are not the same. Each of us has our own strengths and weaknesses which later will complement each other. Let's look at this dialogue:

Nancy: Hi, Darling, how was your day?
Mike: Good.
Nancy: Brian told me that you were going to finalize that big deal with Peter Thompson today. How did it go?
Mike: Fine
Nancy: That’s good. He can be really a tough customer. Do you think he’ll take your advice?
Mike: Yeah.
            .....and so on
(Extracted from “Why Men Don’t Listen & Women Can’t Read Maps”, Allan and Barbara Pease, 2000)

Can we see the differences between these two people choices of words while communicating? Men and women, are they really two different species created by God? Frankly speaking, I am pleased to say yes, they are.  There are many differences between men and women especially in terms of language use in communication. However, these two creatures are still complementing each other. They have their own strengths and weaknesses. As for me, the main reason why I said men and women are two different species is because there are huge differences between men’s brains and women’s brains.

An article entitles “10 Big Differences between Men’s and Women’s Brains” (Hansley, 2009) stated that experts have discovered there are actually differences in the way women’s and men’s brains are structured and in the way they react to events and stimuli.  Hansley describes on left brain vs. both hemisphere. It has been found out that, men are better in the left hemisphere while women are better in both hemispheres. It has been found out the two sections of the brain responsible for language were used by women. Men typically process language in their dominant hemisphere.

Therefore, men out there do not simply put blame on women and label them as having two mouths. And ladies, do not be angry if your partners do not show any reaction when you ask their opinions or anything because that's how their brain is developed. Thanks to Allah. That's the beauty of us. Can u imagine if both creatures love to talk without knowing how to stop. If that so, who is going to listen because everyone wants to talk. So, ladies and gentlemen, get to know your partners. This book by Allan & Barbara Pease is really good in getting to know how men and women are different. Hopefully, we can have a good relationship with our partner as we know who they are, naturally. Good Luck..;)

(sila sengetkan kepala anda.TQ)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


the beauty of having faith in life...for those who believe in faith and do not blame on God's plans will enjoy their life to the fullest...I am very thankful with what I have now and very happy with it...I do pray a lot to Allah and I hope this is the best plan for me planned by Him...I cannot see any imperfection with what Allah has planned for me...not even once i feel regret of losing and forgetting my past...O Allah, how beautiful your plans are...thank you Allah...I will appreciate my parents, family, fiancee and everyone that I love...I will always put them before myself...they are my priority...Alhamdulillah, after what i have been gone through before, I managed to meet my man, prearranged by Allah...1 September 2011 will be remembered till the end of my life as I am engaged to a good guy and I hope he is the best for me...I hope this engagement will end with marriage...please do pray for us...ameen

Dear Mr. fiancee, 
I want you to be my guidance in performing my duty as a humble servant of Allah, I want you to be my life partner and a father to my children...I hope our wishes will come true and always under His blessings. lets pray and hopefully everything is fine...ameen...;)

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Thank you Allah for your kindness and bless...after all difficulties that you have given to me, now I realized that anything happen comes with reasons...your tests have made me become stronger and closer to you...I am very thankful with what I have now...I hope everything is going to be okay and okay...I hope everything is going to be last longer...may YOU help me always and show me the right way in facing all difficulties and circumstances in life...I hope I can make everyone happy especially my parents...they are everything to me...I will always make them as my priority...now I feel very relieved as I know I am slowly making them happy...I hope YOU will hear my pray and give me the best things in my life...all things that I deserve rather than things that I need...please make me become stronger and closer to YOU...have faith Fatihah...have faith...may Allah helps you in what ever situations...amin...

Monday, May 2, 2011


too many things happen lately...the good things and the bad things...i know HE is testing me coz HE loves me...sometimes i feel really down and frustrating with all these tests but at the end of the day i am glad HE still shows me the way..the correct way in making decision in life...even though it is very painful, i know i can do it...i know i can cope with all these things...if i can't, HE won't chose me...because of HIS tests given to me, now i feel stronger...i can think in depth before making any decision...i can see life in a different ways...im glad HE chose me coz there's must be good reasons behind all these...thanks Allah and please guide me...please gives me the best among the best...AMIN...

Sunday, January 30, 2011


lama betul x update blog kan...january dah nak habis dah pun...this is the first entry for this year...haish...sebuk sgt ke? sebuk tu mmg la sebuk since jadi wanita bekerjaya ni kan...ececece...tapi the big reason kenape x update blog adalah kerana saya tersangat lah penat setiap kali balik kerja...penat sampai tak hengat dunia...dalam kepala by the time sampai rumah nak duduk, baring and rehat...nak patah pinggang ni setelah mengharungi jam yg melampau dan terlampau...mana tak melampau...perjalanan utk 3km telah mengambil masa selama 45 minit...duhhhhhhh...sangat lah teruk...i cannot stand anymore...tolonglah...hari2 badan terasa penat  and sakit2...kerja mcm menarik tapi part nak mengharungi jam yang x tahan tu...anyone wants to be my driver? hehe...iklan kat sini plak kan...k,lah...hari ahad merupakan hari istirehat sedunia...semoga ada kekuatan utk update blog di kemudian hari...cehhh...propa la ko ni...k,lah...have a good Sunday everyone...;)