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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


the beauty of having faith in life...for those who believe in faith and do not blame on God's plans will enjoy their life to the fullest...I am very thankful with what I have now and very happy with it...I do pray a lot to Allah and I hope this is the best plan for me planned by Him...I cannot see any imperfection with what Allah has planned for me...not even once i feel regret of losing and forgetting my past...O Allah, how beautiful your plans are...thank you Allah...I will appreciate my parents, family, fiancee and everyone that I love...I will always put them before myself...they are my priority...Alhamdulillah, after what i have been gone through before, I managed to meet my man, prearranged by Allah...1 September 2011 will be remembered till the end of my life as I am engaged to a good guy and I hope he is the best for me...I hope this engagement will end with marriage...please do pray for us...ameen

Dear Mr. fiancee, 
I want you to be my guidance in performing my duty as a humble servant of Allah, I want you to be my life partner and a father to my children...I hope our wishes will come true and always under His blessings. lets pray and hopefully everything is fine...ameen...;)

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